Has Disney Lost the Magic by Going WOKE?

For the better part of 97 years, from 1923-2020, The Walt Disney Company has embraced their founder’s vision – to provide the finest in family entertainment. Sure there were times when they strayed, for example from 1972-1984 they continually refused to take risks, constantly asking “What would Walt do?”  Then from 1995-2005, CEO Michael Eisner … Read more

Grand Haven Charter Township Newsletter

  DISNEY WAY UPDATE Volume I, Issue I, 08/18/17 Story, Values and Code of Conduct Approved by Board On August 14, 2017, the Township Board unanimously approved the Story, Values, and Codes of Conduct for Grand Haven Charter Township that were developed by Township employees. Thank you to Stacey Fedewa, Tom Gerencer, and Andrea Sandoval … Read more

Safety FIRST At Disney – Hurricane Irma Reveals a Deeply Held Value

Especially in these trying “hurricane days”, safety is the #1 priority at Disney; therefore, Walt Disney World’s attractions will be closed until at least Monday. Offering your customers the best product or service means establishing certain values as Walt Disney did and also having the good sense to recognize when the situation dictates that one … Read more

The Disney Way in Battle Creek, Michigan

In the Words of Rebecca Fleury, City Manager, Battle Creek, Michigan “The City of Battle Creek began The Disney Way Customer-Centric program in August 2016 and finished in January 2017 with 500 of our 519 employees completing the three-day sessions. Feedback from the groups has been overwhelmingly positive and I can honestly say it has changed … Read more