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Volume I, Issue I, 08/18/17

Story, Values and Code of Conduct Approved by Board

On August 14, 2017, the Township Board unanimously approved the Story, Values, and Codes of Conduct for Grand Haven Charter Township that were developed by Township employees. Thank you to Stacey Fedewa, Tom Gerencer, and Andrea Sandoval for spearhead- ing this effort and all the staff who provided their input! Our next step with this process is to print the story, values and codes of conduct for distribution and posting, along with further discussions of how we continue to demonstrate our vales and codes of conduct.

We are Grand Haven Charter Township

We are a beautiful, thriving community located in Northwest Ottawa County where our residents and visitors can find miles of pristine beaches, towering sand dunes and breathtaking sunsets along the shores of Lake Michigan. Our clean and safe community values a family-centered atmosphere; we also offer vibrant parks, world-class schools, as well as an appreciation of the arts and healthy lifestyles. Our community is a place where agri-businesses and industry seek to locate, bringing with them more opportunities for growth.

We are an organization that values trust and mutual respect. Our staff members are empowered to make decisions and create positive change. We are committed to continuous improvement through the use of technology and collaboration with our customers, peers, and neighbors. We know our past, and we learn from it so that we can grow together as a community.

Grand Haven Charter Township Values

We are a team devoted to providing superior customer service while inspiring an atmosphere of integrity, respect and trust. We value open communication, honesty and understanding.

Codes of Conduct

We live the Golden Rule.
We act with patience and understanding.
We create a culture of service in which every person is valued. We communicate openly and honestly.
We lead by example.
We are open to new ideas and beliefs.
We work together to keep our community safe and clean.
We strive to know the answers and seek solutions.
We celebrate and enjoy our work.

Champion Committee Names Priorities for 2017

July 7 Storm Damage photo credit Stacey Fedewa

Superior Customer Service Appreciation for August

This month we want to recognize all of our staff and board members who assisted with the aftermath of the July 7 storm. Our Township team pulled “together to keep our community safe and clean” by clearing roadways, parks, ceme- teries; assisting with safety haz- ards; keeping pump stations and meter stations working; and fund- ing and executing a plan to help residents remove their storm de- bris. Your work, during and after the storm, is a great example of exceeding our residents and guests expectations of customer service! This event is something we will remember for years to come, and we will be able to look back on our work proudly. A sin- cere THANK YOU to each of you!

Each month we will highlight an employee or team who demon- strates one or more of our new values and conducts. If you have an employee, co-worker, or team you want to nominate for Superior Customer Service Recognition, email their name and story to: for consider- ation.

Your Champion Committee:

David Peterson

Kristi Walsh

Andrea Dumbrell

Name the Way Contest

Since the Disney Way Training wrapped in June, David Peterson, Kristi Walsh, and Andrea Dumbrell have had multiple meetings to discuss priorities for continuing the Disney Way:

  •  Mini-training sessions for all staff to assist with implementing the values and codes of conduct into each Township job
  •  New employee and board member orientation/onboarding process
  •  Training for supervisors on giving effective feedback
  •  A Township staff directory
  •  New opportunities to form relationships and gather feedback from residents and guests
  •  100% staff participation in Disney Way training
  •  Build fun and community service into our work and culture

The committee wants to hear your ideas and thoughts about these priorities or different ideas you may have to continue implementing the Disney Way. Take some time in the coming month to talk with your co- workers and committee members about what you are looking forward to or want to suggest.

As we take ownership of implementing the Disney Way, at some point the name will need to change. This is where we need your help. What would you like to see our way be called? Help us fill in the blank:

The Way

There will be a staff vote for all submissions and a prize for the winning entry. In the event of a tie, the employees’ names will be placed in a random draw to determine a winner.


Always remember,
the magic begins with you!

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