Actual Storyboarding Session

Our workshops are based upon The Disney Way principles – Dream, Believe, Dare, Do!  We customize all workshops to meet the needs of our clients; our most popular workshops are:  The Fundamentals of Storyboarding and Creating a Customer-Centric Culture.   We also offer customized Planning or Long-term “Dreaming”; Team Building; and Leadership Development workshops.

From banking to local government organizations, our clients have come to believe that Storyboarding is among the most powerful tools they have learned in their careers.  Chapter 10 of The Disney Way is entitled, “Capture the Magic with Storyboards.”

Nearly a century ago, the Storyboard made it possible for Walt Disney to experiment, to move drawings around, to change direction, to insert something he thought was missing, or to discard a sequence that wasn’t working. Decades later, in the 1960’s, Disney expanded the Storyboarding technique from simply a story depiction to a visual technique for generating solutions to problems and enhancing communications.

Storyboarding takes a simple technique—visual display—and uses it in a unique way to help participants unleash their collective creative energy to produce ideas and solve problems.

Key Benefits of Storyboarding: 

  1. High level of participation. No forced discussion. Everyone’s ideas are protected due to anonymity.
  2. Heightens concentration. Everyone is immersed in working on the topic, idea and/or problem at hand.
  3. More organized than the output from brainstorming, yet retains the flexibility that individuals and teams need as they work their way through the various stages of idea generation and/or problem solving. From three to six times more than the number of ideas generated by traditional brainstorming.
  4. Barriers between functional areas begin to crumble…everyone is working together for the common good of a team.

Capodagli Jackson Consulting - Storyboarding

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture
The Disney Way

This energizing and dynamic workshop experience brings to life the inside story of how the Disney success was achieved – not by sudden flashes of creative insight, but by the force of a much-considered and carefully wrought system for achieving “good show,” all through the eyes of customers or “guests.” Bill Capodagli shares leadership and teamwork lessons from Disney and organizations featured in The Disney Way 3rd edition, and provides a roadmap with specific actions to produce a customer-centric culture.

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture – The Disney Way will lead you to:

Dream . . . of an organization where employees and teams are self-motivated to the successful achievement of long-term goals in an environment of mutual respect and trust

Key Learning:  Discover your story and communicate it!

Believe . . . that every employee is capable of creating magical moments for customers

Key Learning:  Examine your vision and values, and understand the importance of using them in decision making.

Dare . . . to make a difference!

Key Learning:  Create a unique culture that breaks down barriers, celebrates failure, and promotes a climate of fun.

Do . . . create a “show business” atmosphere

Key Learning:  Understand the Story, the Setting, the Roles, and the Backstage “Magic”