Local Government Must Become Customer-Centric!

Why should any local government entity be concerned with customer service? Responding to this question, a county official noted that his county has earned its reputation largely due to the people who live, visit, and do business with it. As such, it owes great service to visitors, residents, and employees. Besides, it’s just good business.

For example, when a new business locates within a region, the effect on employment is threefold. First, it has a direct impact on the jobs provided by the business itself. Second, it causes an indirect impact if the business buys production materials and services locally. Third, it creates an induced impact or multiplier effect from the flow of wages spent by new employees, which may provide new jobs in other businesses, and in turn, the spending of those wages.

If a visiting executive who is searching for a new location within a county or city has a good customer service experience, it certainly may help his or her decision to locate there. A terrible customer service experience, however, could result in a search for another location.

In the 3rd edition of The Disney Way, you can read the story of Ottawa County, Michigan’s customer-centric transformation, and the testimonials that speak to their dramatic results.  You will understand that indeed, government should and can establish a Disneyesque customer-centric culture!

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